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Manipur Sangai Festival -2015
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Manipur Sangai Festival Adventure Activities -2015..Hurry Hurry please come and participate











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Saturday, 12 October 2013 09:21

Activities Report for the 2012-13 (April 2012 to July 2013)

1. 30th March to 14th April 2012: 67th Adventure Course of Manipur Mountaineering Institute is going on from 30 March to 14 April 2012 in collaboration with Indian Red Cross Society Manipur Branch.

2. 2nd March to 10th May 2012: For Nagaland Pilot Scheme Youth to the Edge with MoYAS

3. 23rd, 24th and 25th March 2012: Dr. L. Surjit, President MMTA participates in the Road Show of the Tour Operators of North East India held in Guwahati & Kolkata organised by the Indiatourism Guwahati and sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism Government of India.

4. 8th, 15th , 22nd , 29th April and 6th May 13th May 2012 Mega Manipur Rock Climbing at Kangla Rock Wall

5. 15th May 2012: Medical Test for Everest Team at Shija Hospital

6. 16th May to 6th June 2012 Everest Team Yoga Training at MMI

7. 20th May 2012 Mega Manipur School -Rock Climbing at Kangla Rock Wall

8. 22nd May: One day Assam Riffles School Children Rock Climbing Camp held on today. About 100 participants including officials enjoy climbing the Kangla Rock & Sports Climbing Wall of Minuthong -Imphal. This camp is sponsored by the IG AR South - Mantripukhri lead by Maj Amjad Ali and Mr. Bijen, Principal of the Assam Riffles School - Mantripukhri –Imphal

9. 24th May 2012: Ms. L. Tilotama, the energetic young Manipuri Chanu the then Hon'ble Vice-Chairman of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Govt. India inspecting the development activities of Manipur Mountaineering & Trekking Association at its training Centre Manipur Mountaineering Institute Complex - Lamdan on 24th May 2012 with officials of MMTA.

10. 31st May to 6th June 2012: Children Summer Camp cum WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY WITH LOKTAK DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY at Manipur Mountaineering Institute. The Manipur Mountaineering & Trekking Association observed World Environment Day on 5th June at the Manipur Mountaineering Institute Complex Lamdan and this programme is sponsored by Loktak Development Authority. Km. Loitongbam Tilotama, Hon’ble Vice-Chairman Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan –Ministry of Youth Affairs Govt. of India, Shri Th. Ibobi –IFS, Project Director LDA, Shri L. Bhagaton Singh Superintending Engineer -LDA, grace the function as the Chief Guest, President and Guest of Honour respectively. As a part of this observation: Nature Photography campaigned also done by the LDA and Children Spot Painting competition also done at Manipur Mountaineering Institute Complex Lamdan. All the surrounding village chiefs and Youth clubs president along with cultural troops take part this observation day. All dignitaries planted fruit bearing trees at MMI Complex so that birds can come to this park. On this observation day Dr. Shamungou Singh deliver a lecture on world Environment Day as the resource person of the day and he express that the climate of Manipur is changing and temperature is increasing every year. By giving example: (sound of Kokil Bird is not the good sign in Manipur) it can live only in hot places but for the last 4/5 year we heard the sound of Kokil Bird. Shri Ibobi stress about the theme of the World Environment Day and express that, we all need to take part to regenerate our forest so that we need to achieve 20 year back climate condition of the region. In the Chief Guest speech: - Km Tilotama stresses the importance of the day which should not be only observation but also the never ending action for afforestation and awareness to the villagers. Dr. Surjit express MMTA objectives that: Planting a tree is not their goal but also adopt a tree is must important. On the same day Children Adventure Summer Camp also graduated.

11. 10th and 17th June 2012:Mega Manipur School- Rock Climbing camp at MMTA

12. 23rd to 24th June 2012: A team of 18 members including 2 girls organised by MMTA in collaboration with Go-Manipur Team explored the shortage and most excited rafting route of Manipur at Leimatak River on 24th June 2012.

13. 24th June 2012 :One Day Adventure camp for Archery Party at MMI Complex

14. 28th June 2012: K. Surjit & Mimar to IMF Delhi and Iran for Sports Climbing Championship

15. 7th July 2012: Metro Seminar at S.B. Deora College Guwahati on “Problems & Prospects of Adventure Sports in North East States with painting Competition collaboration with Assam Rock & Sports Climbing Association, MMTA and 7 Sisters Holidays sponsored by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation – New Delhi.

16. 8th July 2012 one day Adventure Camp  for Angel Coaching Centre (Uripok)

17. 22nd to 31st July 2012: 10-Day residential Training of Trainer’s (TOT) programme at the office premise of Manipur Mountaineering & Trekking Association from 22 to 31st July 2012. During this course: MMTA will inculcate following modules to the trainees with the help of resource persons from different Government and non govt. agencies. (1. Methods of Instruction in the three types Adventure fields 2. Communication skill and personality development through ICM 3. Expedition plan and organization 4. First aid and CPR training through Red Cross Society of India 5. Motivation of student during the Adventure programme 6. Tourist Guide & Hospitality management, etc.

18. 1st August 2012: Press Conference for 1st North East India Top of the World by Shri DS Poonia –IAS- Chief Secretary Manipur cum Chef-De-Mission at the Classic Hotel –Imphal

19. 5 to 14 August2012: 68th Adventure Course at MMI

20. 23rd August to 19 September 2012: Mt. Papsura  Pre Everest Expedition

21. 29th August 2012: Heritage Convent Stakeholder enjoying a One day Outdoor program at MMI, Campus of MMTA

22. 20 to 23rd September 2012: 14th IMF-NEZSCC at Kangla wall of MMTA.

23. 1st to 7 October 2012: combined 7 -day Residential Adventure Camp for 50 youths from different districts of Manipur will start at MMI Complex Lamdan from 1st October 2012. This camp is sponsored by the NYK, Ministry of Youth Affairs Govt. of India. You can visit to MMI Complex during this camp and have some fresh air.

24. 6th October 2012: (One day Adventure Programme for Mega Manipur School)

25. 14th October 2012: ( One day Adventure Programme for Shija Hospital)

26. 21st to 30 November 2012: (Manipur Sangai Festival)

27. 1st to 6th December 2012: (Youth Adventure Tourism Festival at Hapta Kangjeibung)

28. 10th to 15th December (Pre –Everest Camp at Mizoram sponsored by Directorate Sports Govt. of Mizoram)

29. 14 to 15 December 2012: Two day demo programme Power Gliding at MMI Complex

30. 2nd to 8th January 2013: 1st 7- day Outdoor Youth Adventure Programme at MMI for 50 youths under NPYAD scheme of MoYAFS GoI.

31. 8th to 14th January 2013: 2nd 7- day Outdoor Youth Adventure Programme at MMI for 50 youths under NPYAD scheme of MoYAFS GoI.

32. 12-13 January 2013: 2 -Day Adventure in Promotion of Adventure Sports in North East India Painting Competition, Photo Exhibition and Sports Climbing Competition (12th January 2013) Seminar on “Adventure Sports and its Prospects in North Eastern Region (13th January 2013)12th to 13th January 2013 at MMTA Office & State Youth Hostel Organised by the MMTA & IMF-NEZSCC Under the aegis of Indian Mountaineering Foundation –New Delhi.

33. 19th January 2013: President MMTA as the Chief Guest and Secretary MMTA as the Guest of Honour of Charoi Khulen Sports Closing programme.

34. 19th to 21st January 2013: Dr.L. Surjit Singh President MMTA participates in the ITM and ATOAI -10th Annual Convention India’s Unexplored Paradise at Guwahati.

35. 22nd to 28th January 2013: 35th Sports Climbing Course at Kangla Rock Wall Minuthong

36. 10th February 2013: Mrs. & Mr. Barun Mitra –IAS Principal Secretary Finance and Mr. Rajesh Agarwal Commissioner Power & GAD visit to MMI Complex

37. 25th February 2013: 1st North East India Top of the World Mt. Everest Expedition -2013 sponsored by NEC Govt. of India Shillong and organised by Planning Department and MMTA flag off from Kangla by HE the Governor of Manipur in the presence of PHED Minister Manipur.

38. 23 March 2013: 3 day Adventure Camp for Mega Manipur School at Kangla Wall.

39. 3 April to 19th May 2013: Sports climbing Camp for Mega Manipur School (7 times)

40. 18th April 2013: One day adventure programme for DM College Art at MMI.

41. 1st to 12th May 2013: 69th Adventure Course.

42. 20 May 2013: One day Rock Climbing Programme for ARPS (Assam Rifles Public School –Mantripukhri) at Kangla Wall of MMTA.

43. 31st May 2013: Successful Team of 1st North East Mt. Everest Expedition party Felicited by Shri Pavan Singh Ghattowar Hon’ble Union Minister DoNER in his office Chamber New Delhi in the presence of DoNER Secretary, NEC Secretary and the Chief Secretary of Manipur. In the evening Mr. Yambem Ningthem –Project Director Manipur Development Society arrange a Dinner at Delhi in honor of this successful team.

44. 1st June 2013: Formal Press conference at India Habitat Centre New Delhi for the Successful of the 1st North East Mt. Everest Expedition by Shri DS Poonia –Chef-de-Mission in the presence of DoNER Secretary Shri UK Sangma. After this in the evening Assam Government arranged a dinner at Assam Bhavan New Delhi in honor of this successful team.

45. 3rd June 2013: Flag-in ceremony for the Successful team of 1st North East Mt. Everest Expedition in the Office Chamber of Shri Jitendra Singh, Hon’ble Union Minister Youth Affairs & Sports. After this, call on to General Vikram Singh Chief of the Army Staff. In the evening Shri Nab am Tukki Chief Minister Arunachal Pradesh arranged a Tea –Party at Arunachal Pradesh House New Delhi in honor of this successful team.

46. 6th June 2013: Public reception of Successful Team of 1st North East Mt. Everest party at Khuman Lampak Sports Stadium.

47. 13th June 2013: Successful Team of 1st North East Mt. Everest party received by the Shri Gurbachan Jagat the Governor of Manipur at Raj Bhavan.

48. 14th to 18th June 2013: 2nd Children Summer Camp at MMI.

49. 15th June 2013: Felicitation of Felicitation of successful Team of 1st North East Mt. Everest party at Khuman Lampak Olympic Bhawan by the Retd. Youth Affairs Sports Staff with lunch. On the same day State Felicitation of successful Team of 1st North East Mt. Everest party at Khuman Lampak New Indoor Hall headed by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Manipur in the afternoon. On the same day State Dinner was arranged at 1st MR by the Hon’ble Chief Minister in honor of the successful team.

50. 22 to 24th June 2013: Dzüko Valley trekking Expedition.

51. 6 to 16th July 2013: 70th Adventure Course at MMI.

52. 24th July 2013: One day rafting at Imphal River lead by Mr. Y. Surchand.


53. 27th July 2013: Farewell to Shri D.S. Poonia-IAS Chief Secretary Government of Manipur at MMI Complex Lamdan.

54. 29th July2013: One Day voluntary blood Donation camp at MMTA with Shija Hospital Research Institute Blood Bank & Transfusions services.

Activities Report for the 2013-14 (August 2013 to ……….on going)

55. 9 to 15th August 2013: 40th Sports Climbing Course at Kangla Wall.


56. 1st September 2013: 15th State Level Sports Climbing Competition at Kangla Wall of MMTA.

57. 8th September 2013: One Day Social Service cum environment awareness camp at Nongpok Chingkhei Ching with the members of Kangla Shiphai Youth Organisation –Chingkhei Ching.

58. 10th to 17th September 2013: 15th North East Zone Sport Climbing Coaching Camp at the Kangla Wall of MMTA.

59. 12th September 2013: Shri RR Rashmi –IAS Additional Chief Secretary Govt. of Manipur inspect the Manipur Mountaineering Institute Complex Lamdan in relation to Regional Institute of Adventure.

60. 19th 21st September 2013: 15th IMF-North East Zone Sport Climbing Competition -77 participants from all over the North East India States.

61. 21st September 2013: 33rd Foundation Day of Manipur Mountaineering & Trekking Association cum certificate distribution to NE Everesters,

62. 22nd to 25th September 2013: Dr. L. Surjit –President MMTA participated International Mountaineering Meet cum Disaster Management Skill a case study of Uttarkhand at Indian Mountaineering Foundation New Delhi sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism Govt. of India.

63. 25th September 2013: Dr. L. Surjit Singh –President MMTA had a meeting with DoNER Secretary Shri U.K. Sangma regarding RIA project of MMTA alongwith Shri D.S. Poonia (Retd) Chief Secretary Govt. of Manipur at Vigyan Bhawan – New Delhi.

64. 27th September 2013: World Tourism Day held at Loktak in collaboration with Manipur Tourism Forum and BDCKA-Bishnupur

65. 29th September 2013: One day Adventure Camp for Heritage Convent School at MMI, 100 students and Staff of Manipur Legislative Assembly. Mr. Ajay Rastogi renowned environmentalist also visits on this day.

66. 1st to 7th October 2013: 7-Day Adventure leadership Camp at MMI Complex Lamdan under the Scheme of NPYAD, Ministry of Youth Affairs Govt. of India. Participants from all over the North East India States 49 participants.

67. 5th October 2013: 40 teaching Staff of Nirmalabas Hr. Secondary School-Imphal Visit to MMI for one day Adventure camp.





Farewell for Shri D.S Poonia, IAS Chief Secretary of Manipur on 27th July 2013
Sunday, 04 August 2013 11:40

MMTA gave a bitter sweet farewell to Shri D.S. Poonia, IAS the Chief Secretary of Manipur and the Chef-de-Mission of the 1st North East India Top of the World Mt. Everest Expedition -2013. Venue: Manipur Mountaineering Institute Complex Lamdan on 27th July 2013.

Reception by the Governor of Manipur on 13th June 2013
Sunday, 04 August 2013 11:31

Shri Gubachan Jagat His Excellency the Governor of Manipur warmly welcome the successful Team of the Mt. Everest Team of Manipur with Shri DS Poonia-IAS Chief Secretary Government of Manipur and the Chef-de-Mission of the 1st North East India Top of the World Mt. Everest Expedition -2013 at the Raj-Bhavan on 13th June 2013.


State Felicitation on 15th June 2013
Sunday, 04 August 2013 11:19

1st North East India Top of the World Mt. Everest Expedition -2013 Team was Felicitated by State Government on 15th June 2013 at New Indoor Hall of Khuman Lampak Sports Complex by Shri O. Ibobi Singh Hon'ble Chief Minister of Manipur in the presence of Shri Gaikhangam Hon'ble Deputy CM of Manipur, Shri Prithiviraj Hon'ble Parliamentary Secretary YAS & Tourism, Hon'ble Ministers, Hon'ble MLAs and Top officials of State Government.

Mt. Everest submitter for 1st North East Top of the World Expedition 2013
Wednesday, 22 May 2013 08:59


Sl. No. Climber Name with Designation Name of the Sherpas Summit date –timing and Status
1 Dr. L. Surjit Singh, Manipur, Leader Ngima Nuru Sherpa Upto Camp -1Not summited
2 Mr. Kazi Sherpa, Sikkim-Deputy Leader Mr. Tshering Sherpa Summited on 18th May 2013 -5.30 am
3 Mr. Puyamcha Mohon, Manipur Deputy Leader -I Mr. Tenji Chotar Sherpa Summited on 19th May 2013 -8.30 am
4 Ms. Anshu Jamshenpa, Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Leader –II Mr. Pasang Sherpa Summited on 18th May 2013 -5.30 am
5 Mr. Athokpam Robert, Manipur, Climber Mr. Lakpa Gyaljen Sherpa Upto Camp -III
6 Ms. N. Bidyapati Devi, Manipur, Climber Mr. Lakpa Nuru Sherpa Summited on 17th May 2013 -9.30 am
7 Mr. Nima Lama, Arunachal Pradesh, Climber Mr. Ang Phurba Sherpa Summited on 17th May 2013 -8.30 am
8 Mr. Tarun Saikia, Assam, Climber Mr. Phurba Sherpa Summited on 18th May 2013 -5.30 am
9 Mr. David Zohmangaiha, Mizoram, Climber Mr. Lakpa Sherpa (Tension) Summited on 18th May 2013 -5.30 am
10 Mr. Anand Gurung, Sikkim, Climber Mr. Mingma Nuru Sherpa Summited on 17th May 2013 -7.50 am
11 Mr. Nameirakpam Chingkheinganba (Manipur), Climber Mr. Lhakpa Rangdu Sherpa Summited on 18th May 2013 -5.30 am
12 Ms. Wansuk Myrthong (Meghalaya), Climber Mr. Densa Bhote Summited on 18th May 2013 -8.30 am
13 Mr. Waribam James ( Manipur), Climber Mr. Phurba Sherpa Upto camp-III
14 Mr. Maniskumar Deka (Assam), Climber Mr. Lakpa Nuru Sherpa Will try to summit on 25th May 2013
15 Mr. Vanlalliana (Mizoram) Base Camp Manager
Report of the 1st North East Top of the World Mt. Everest Expedition 2013
Thursday, 09 May 2013 09:47

Report by: Dr. L. Surjit (Leader of the Expedition)

Mount Everest:

Mount Everest was formed about 600 million years ago. The elevation of Mount Everest is 29, 035 feet (8848 meters). Mt. Everest is named after Sir George Everest in 1865, the British Surveyor- general of India. Prior to naming the Mt. Everest, it was known as Peak 15. Mt. Everest has the distinction of bring the mountain with the highest altitude. The summit of Everest is the point at which the Earth's surface reaches the greatest distance above sea level.

The First Summit:

On May 28, 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were left behind by their companions. They hoped to be the first to climb the world's highest mountain. The next day they became the first people in the world to climb Mount Everest. They were only on the crown of the world for fifteen minutes before they had to step off the highest perch on earth.

Sir Edmund P. Hillary was a beekeeper from New Zealand. He was born in Auckland. His first attempt to climb Mt. Everest was in 1951 and 1952. The next year he reached the summit. Queen Elizabeth II knighted Hillary for his great achievement.

Significance of Mt. Everest Summit:

It is the dream of every mountaineer in the world to scale the Mt. Everest in their life. It is the goal one wants to attain in their lifetime as a mountaineer.

Proposed Mission- 1st North East India on top of the world (Mt. Everest) Expedition;

This will be the first ever Mt. Everest expedition comprising of team members from North East India. The team members comprises resident of all the 8 states of North East India. This mission is to be funded by NEC, Shillong under the able guidance of Planning Department, Government of Manipur and executed under the leadership and command of Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association (MMTA), Manipur.

This expedition will be scripted in the history of India as the first expedition of North East India to Mt. Everest under the leadership of Govt. of Manipur and MMTA.

Objective of the Mission:

The main objective of the Mount Everest Expedition to share the experiences of Adventure-sports to the youths is to foster amongst them a spirit of risk taking, co-operative team work and the capacity of ready and vital response and alertness to challenging situations and especially the quality of ‘Endurance’. While all young person’s will get the opportunity to avail themselves of adventure facilities, this scheme of training them includes serving the first generation learners (students and non-students alike) of both rural and urban areas with particular thrust on student community. And this will strengthen institutional structures to support adventure programs.

It will also enhance the leadership qualities to our youths and will get a lot of knowledge through vast natural environment as part of outdoor education and hence a desire for conserving the natural resources and preserving the cultural heritage will be created among the youths with National Integration.

Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association (MMTA), Manipur: (

Manipur Mountaineering Trekking Association (MMTA) was established on 21st September 1980 by a group of sports enthusiasts of the state. The main focus area is mountaineering and adventure sports. Today the MMTA comprises the Manipur Mountaineering Institute (MMI), Lamdan. The MMI imparts training in various adventure sports. MMTA and MMI were recognised by Govt. of Manipur as State Adventure of Tourism in the year 1992. In the year 1985, Sir Tenzing Norgay- the first person to scale the Mt. Everest along with Sir Edmund Hillary laid the Foundation Stone of MMI at Lamdan (Ramtan) of Manipur.

MMTA and MMI conduct various adventure activities such as:- Adventure Course, Mountaineering Trekking, Scientific Expedition to the Nature, Himalayan Expedition, Everest Base Camp Trekking Expedition, Foreign Expedition, Rafting, waterman ship, Para sailing, Para-Gliding, Power-gliding, Ballooning, Rafting, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing in Natural and Artificial walls. MMTA have hosted North East Zone Sports Climbing Competition for 13th times at the Kangla Rock and Sports Climbing Wall, Minuthong, Imphal.

Some of our pioneers in the field of Mountaineering are Shri Th. Thambou, Smt. B. Umeshowri Devi, Smt. M. Jamini Devi and Smt. Kh. Bedamani Devi. From amongst its MMTA and MMI produced Mrs. G. Anita Devi Everester in 1993, May 5, she got National Adventure Award in 1994 and also the first North East Lady conferred Padmashree in 2004 by the President of India in the field of Adventure & Mountaineering Activities. Mr. Nongmaithem Suraj Singh is the 1st Manipuri on the top of Mt. Everest in 2008, May 22, through SGMI –Gangtok-Sikkim.

MMTA is credited as the first voluntary organisation in the country to impart training to the Indian Army in Pre- Basic Mountaineering Course at its Institute. Till date, keeping the spirit of adventure sports alive, MMTA has been able to successfully undertake various courses in the field of adventure sports and mountaineering related activities.

Highlights of the proposed expedition:

- This is the first Expedition comprising exclusively of the Mountaineers of North East India.

- Mr. N. Chinkheinganba, 16 year old boy, on completion of the expedition will be the youngest to scale the Mt. Everest.

- First expedition to be executed under the leadership of a State Government.

1st North East India on top of the World (Mt. Everest) Expedition 2013

Organizing Committee


Sl. No.




Shri Okram Ibobi Singh

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Manipur

Chief Patron


Shri Tarun Gogoi

Hon’ble Chief Minister  Assam



Shri Nabam Tuki,

Hon’ble Chief Minister Arunachal Pradesh



Dr. Mukul Sangma,

Hon’ble Chief Minister Meghalaya



Dr. Pawan Chamling,

Hon’ble Chief Minister Sikkim



Shri Zodintluanga

Hon’ble Minister,Sports and Youth Services

Govt. of Mizoram, Aizwal



Shri U.K. Sangma –IAS

Secretary NEC, Govt. of India -Shillong



Shri D S Poonia –IAS,

Chief Secretary Manipur

Chef –De-Mission


Shri Pradip Phanjoubam,

( Sr. Member MMTA) Editor- The Imphal Free Press

Editor Souvenir


Shri Ph. Chandrakumar Sharma.

Hony. Secy. MMTA

Support Backup


Shri Ng. Pobitro,

Treasurer MMTA



Santosh Shekhar

(Member –MMTA)

Communication i/c


Dr. L. Surjit Singh,

President MMTA ( Organiser of this Expedition)

Leader of the Expedition (Technical)





Sl. No.




Dr. L. Surjit Singh, Manipur



Mr. Kazi Sherpa, Sikkim

Deputy Leader


Mr. Puyamcha Mohon, Manipur

Deputy Leader -I


Ms. Anshu Jamsenpa, Arunachal Pradesh

Deputy Leader -II


Mr. Athokpam Robert, Manipur



Ms. N. Bidyapati Devi, Manipur



Mr. Nima Lama, Arunachal Pradesh



Mr. Tarun Saikia, Assam



Mr. David Zohmangaiha, Mizoram



Mr. Anand Gurung, Sikkim



Mr. Nameirakpam Chingkheinganba (Manipur)



Ms. Wansuk Myrthong (Meghalaya)



Mr. Waribam James ( Manipur)



Mr. Minishkumar Deka (Assam)



Dr. L. Nelson , Manipur

Expedition Doctor/Support

Upto Based Camp


Mr. Vanlalliana (Mizoram)

Support Team


EXPEDITION ITINERARY ( 70 –day Programme)


Sl No.





First Flag off from Imphal by HE Governor of Manipur and Manipur CM


26 feb to 18 March 2013

Physical Conditioning & Meditation


20 March 2013

Final Flagged off by HE the President of India fro Rashtrapati Bhawan



Arrival in KTM & transfer to hotel.



Gear sorting out & preparations.



Gear sorting out & preparations.



Expedition briefing & Introduction and Puja at Basupatinath and Boudha Monastry



Final preparation



Fly to Lukla and trek to Phakding



Namche. Rest day/Side trip to Syangbouche/Thame



Trek to Tengbouche



Trek to Dingbouche



Rest and acclimatization day at Dingbouche



Trek to Lobouche.



Trek to Gorekshep.


03.04.2013 to 17.05.2013

Trek Everest Base Camp.






Trek to Pheriche.



Trek to Tengbouche.



Trek to Monjo.



Trek to Lukla.



Fly back to Kathmandu.



Free day in Kathmandu.



Fly back to home.



8 days minus plus


This is the 30 years dream of Manipur Mountaineering & Trekking Association. In this regard, MMTA organized two major Himalayan Expeditions at Sikkim Himalayan and Himachal Himalayan respectively by selecting good climbers from others North Eastern Region States of India under the sponsorship of North Eastern Council Shillong Govt. India. It was a great challenged for MMTA to organized 1st North East India Top of the World Mt. Everest Expedition -2013.

Without the blessing of State Government and likeminded colleges of MMTA members, this will be impossible Mission of our organization. As an organizer or as a leader of this expedition I have to cross many obstacles as we did earlier in our adventure course. Thanks to the MMTA because that lesson I learnt those days from our ancestors becomes the boons of this mission.

It was a great deal for me to select the right team members during the eleven hours. On the other hand MMTA doesn’t have enough funds to organize this expedition. Waiting sanctioned order from NEC through State Government was a big deal for us. Fortunately, Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Okram Ibobi and respected Chief Secretary of Manipur Shri DS Poonia – IAS was pleased to become the Chief Patron and Chef-de-Mission of this Expedition and everything went on smoothly.

Our States media persons encourage our team by publishing our events time to time and they start to count down our mission before 20 days of our 1st leg flagging off ceremony in their daily newspapers.

On 22nd February 2013, most of the team members arrived at Imphal and we performed puja at Kangla for the success of this mission.

On 25th February 2013, Shri Gurbachan Jagat, His Excellency the Governor of Manipur and Shri I. Hemochandra Hon’ble Minister PHED formally flagged off the 1st leg of this mission from the Historical Palace of Manipur Kangla Uttra Mamang as the Historical Events in the presence of State Government top officials.

On 26th the same team leave Imphal for Tawang –Arunachal Pradesh their we already set for 10 days High Altitude Meditation programme with High altitude acclimatization training through the Sports Wing Brahmakumaris, Mt. Abu and 190 Mt. Brigade Tawang.

After this training programed we proceed to Guwahati and reach on 12th March 2013. Further, Assam Rock & Sports Climbing Association warmly welcomes our team and performed puja at Goddess Kamakhya Mandir.

After this, team were approached to Delhi for the final flagged off on 20th March 2013 by Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India from the Yellow Drawing Room of Rastrapati Bhawan New Delhi in the presence of Hon’ble MPs, Ministers and High ranking officers of the country. On the occasion, Shri D.S. Poonia Chief Secretary of Manipur and the Chef-de-Mission of this Expedition briefed about this expedition. Finally, Shri Pranab Mukherjee the President of India handover the Expedition Flag to Dr. L. Surjit the Leader of this 1st ever Expedition of North East Team.

On 22nd March 2013, we reached Kathmandu by Indigo airline and warmly receipt by our agency at Kathmandu airport and take us to the Nirvana Garden Resort at Thamel, Kathmandu – Nepal. In the evening, we checked our mountaineering equipment which already store by our agency.

On 25th Morning, we went to Basupatinath Mandir and Boudha for Puja. In the evening, Mr. Thupden Manager Arun Trek and Expedition came to us for briefing of the expedition.

Our team is supposed to leave Kathmandu for Luka on 26th March 2013 but due to bad weather team could not go on this day.

Next day on 27th March we chartered a plane for Lukla and safely reached at Lukla at 8 am and they proceed to Everest Based Camp. On the way of Base camp or Expedition Doctor got some problem and need to stay back at Pheriche for one day with our Base camp manger. Then another episode coming up that one of our lady climber Ms. Wansuk Myrthong got problem at Gorekshep and need to take rest over there one more day. Finally they reached EBC on 5th April 2013 and 6th April respectively. Due to some official work at the Ministry of Tourism Govt. of Nepal, I need to stay back at Kathmandu for some more days.

On the other side am at Kathmandu for waiting of our final briefing by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Government of Nepal. Fortunately, the rare day was came and done it on 3rd April 2013 at Ministry and they appointed Mr. Indrakumar Mahajan as the Liaison officer of our Expedition. Now, I can move to Based Camp. In the meantime another Indian Mt. Everest Expedition Party for NCC lead by Col Satish Sharma arrived Kathmandu and I took dinner with them on the same evening. I would like to go Lukla on the next day but due to non-availability flight I could not go. Fortunately, next day 0n 5th April, I got the flight and fly to Lukla with my Guide Mr. Ngima Nuru Sherpa who is the 15th times Everest summiteer. We reached Lukla safely and proceed for Phakding and reached there at 2 pm.

In the evening I call up to my advance party and they told me that 12 April 2013 is the date of Based Camp Puja. I was wondering that, as per my itinerary I have to reach base camp on 13th April, how it’s possible to reach there within seven days without proper acclimatization. I discussed with my guide and rescheduled my itinerary and fix to reach base camp on 11th April 2013. Normally, it took ten days to reach EBC from Lukla. Anyhow, I mentally prepared my body and mind to reach EBC on 11th April. In the meantime Mohon call up me that: Sir you need to reach EBC on 11th April before noon because they are celebrating Chieraoba (the Manipuris New Year).

Then, I ask to Ngima, is it possible to reach there in this stipulated time. Ngima told me that, sir its depends you. I was struggled a lot because I don’t like miss the celebration of Sajibu Chieraoba at EBC. I don’t know exactly, how I reached our camp before scheduled and everyone surprised to see me over there and we had a nice lunch with yongchak ironba.

The next day on 12th is one of the important day for us, local Lama arrived at 8 am and start our Puja, I don’t know, how tears flows from my eyes during the meditation of this puja. Everything is alright and finally the great puja were wind up with praying dance. Actually, it’s a compulsory event for every camp in EBC performing such type of Puja. Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) region are abode by three Goddess. We need to take permission to climb up Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) by performing this secret Puja. Accordingly, we all prepared and went to Khumbu –Ice-fall and practice our climbing technique’s lead by our sirdar Mr. Lakpa Rangdu.

The next day 13th April also full day practiced at Khumbu ice fall by doing following activities: how to do jummar climbing with safety measure, how to cross ladder on the big crevasse, how to overtake during jumaring etc. In the evening, I had a meeting with the Sherpa’s and discuss a lot and tell them the objective of this mission. Because, climbing Sherpa’s are the vital part of this expedition. I need to know their calibers and past performance accordingly I have to distribute them one is to one to our climbers.

14th April 2013, is the full rest day, in the evening I assembled all my climbers and Sherpas and suddenly as a leader of this expedition I declared their personal Sherpas without consulting my three deputy leaders. Some of my deputy leaders insulted in my action and they told me that it should be discussed with them before I declared their Sherpa’s. But it is my right to choose their Sherpas according to their calibers. Even some of them trying to teach me how to select Sherpas and they though that they are more experience than me. I agree some of their points but whatever I did is for their success. Here I came to know the difference between a real mountaineers and an everester. This part let me explain later on.

On 15th April 2013, we all woke up at 3am and get ready for Khumbu ice-fall high gain for 5 hrs. I also went up little higher and came back due to heavy exhaust. All my team came back around 1 pm after high gain and they got some real experience for valley of death (Khumbu ice-fall).

16th April was full rest day. Our Expedition Doctor, Dr. L. Nelson request me to leave base camp and want to withdraw from this expedition due to his sinus problems which he did not mentioned me earlier. I was puzzled to hear his request because he need tell me that before he joins this expedition. But the actual problem is very near to fatal. Any time bloods could shed from his nose which could not make any preventive measures in this 17500 feet above the mean sea level and may lost his life also. He was very weak then I contact my agency for helicopter for Dr. Nelson from EBC to Kathmandu. It was very costly; they ask me 1500 Dollar which I could not afford. On the same day some guys visit to my camp and introduced me that they are the Indian team from SSB, amongst them one high altitude doctor also be there lead by CO Joshi from Almora. I request them to help our team in terms of paramedics when our doctor gone from base camp and fortunately they agreed my request. Then three lady climbers from Seven Summit came to meet me and finally I recognized two of them twin sisters and daughters of my old friend Col Malik who was posted at 22 AR of Maram – Manipur. Their names are Tashi and Nungshi respectively they came for keep record as twin Everest summiteer. Another girl was from Pakistan and her name was Ms. Samina and she will become the 1st Pakistan girl to climb Mt. Everest if she summits the Mt. Everest in this season.

In the evening, Mr. Mattieu Heiniger researcher of University of Geneva Geography Department came to meet me for his Everest Base Camp City survey programme. It was a nice topic and we discussed a lot and jointly calculate the pressure giving to Everest Base camp by the whole team. It was around 5000 tons of weight giving pressure above the Khumbu glaciers with one lakhs gallons of kerosene oil emission per season. The result is dreadful and Khumbu glaciers will no more after 2 decades if we did not take up preventive measures.

On 17th April our Sherpas went up to Camp –I for load ferry but they came back from the half way due to road block in the Khumbu ice fall. In the evening Dr. Nelson health problem become serious then I contact my agency and agree to send heli on 18th morning at EBC for up to Lukla then from Lukla to Kathmandu by small aircraft.

On 18th April morning we gave farewell to Dr. Nelson and I sent him to Lukla by Mountain helicopter service and the same day he reached Kathmandu and receipt by our agency officials. On the same day my satellite phone also arrived and find out our EBC location also. Our camp is located 28 degree 25 minute 4 second North Latitude and 86 degree 85 minute 34 second East longitude.

Today one of my old friend Mr. Lobaraj came up to my camp he is the renowned mountaineers of India hailing from Munsiary (Uttarkhand) and the member of Indian Mountaineering Foundation. He also came for Mt. Everest Expedition as the 6th times with the Asian Trekking agency. We discussed a lot including weather reports from Indian Metrological Department and many other topics of IMF.

In the evening I convent a meeting with my team and Sherpas regarding the tomorrow’s high gain to camp-I and Camp-II.

On 19th April 2013, our team leave EBC at 4 am for Camp-I. Most of them reached Camp –I in time and some of them reached very late around at 3 pm. normally, it takes around 4 to 5 hours to reach Camp-I from EBC. One of our climbers Mr. Manish Kumar Deka he has some problem and he took around 12 hours to reached Camp-I. After all it’s great they reached Camp-I very safely.

20th April: 6 members of my team went up to Camp-II and they return to Camp –I at 8.30 am. Heavy snow falls at Camp –I and EBC. Ms. Wansuk Myrthong has some problem at Camp –I (Severely headache). I instructed to the Camp-I party not to descent EBC till the weather is clear. Because some hanging ice of Khumbu ice-fall may fell down due to heavy snowfall.

21st April: All members start to come down from Camp-I to EBC. On the way avalanched coming at 8.30 am after 15 sec when my team crossed that point, thank god they are all safe. Route was too bad that day due to heavy snow fall, Wansuk and Ansu both slip away inside the crevasse but safe. Everyone reached EBC very safely before noon. On the same day at 3 pm I went to attend a meeting to SPCC regarding the Ice-Doctor death two weeks ahead and the meeting decided to contribute some handsome amount to the bereave family. After the meeting I went to Asian Trekking Camp with Mohon and Kazi to meet Mr. Lobaraj regarding the weather report. We had a long discussion and met all the Indian climbers those are going to climb Mt. Everest through Asian Trekking agency.

22nd April: Tonight I woke up at 12.5 pm regarding the some health problem of Mr. Puyamcha Mohon. Then I told Kazi Sherpa and Mr. VL to assist the Mohon. The actual problem of Mr. Mohon is nothing but some ligament problem on his left ankle due to heavy jerk when he climbed down from Camp-I. Mr. Lakpa Gylgen one of our Sherpa he knows how to treat Mohon leg problem and did some massage and I gave pain killer tablet to Mohon. Then I call Nganba to sleep with Mohon for that night. It’s one of the normal problem happened in every expedition. On the same day NCC Mt. Everest Expedition Party lead by Col Satish Sharma arrived EBC. NCC camp also our neighboring camp.

23rd April: It was our rest day and the day of Base camp Puja for NCC Expedition party. I also join their puja. After the Puja a big problem was created between our Sherpas after heavy drunks. They begin fighting without any reason and one of our Sherpa was injured on his head and takes him to the NCC Camp for first aid. I was so insulted and call our Sirdar Mr. Lakhpa Rangdu for the discussion of that unwanted event created by our Sherpas. Then I warn them not to repeat again. In the evening I convent a meeting regarding the final programme of our expedition and tell them to keep their body and mind in fit till the summit. I also declared their target of summit date.

24th April: Weather was not good. I feel headache today. I call up my head office to Pobitro and Santosh Sekhar after that I call up Mr. Thupden manger of Arun Trek Expedition. In the evening I convent a meeting with the Sherpas regarding the yesterday unwanted event created by our Sherpas. From today we start count down for Summit of Mt. Everest.

25th April: Rest day: A team of Queensland University of Technology and Australian Research Council came to me for their research project on “Mt. Everest Climbers Field Study” under the guidance of Prof. Benno Toggler ( email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) . Our teams fill up their questioner form and did some IQ exercise with game. It was very interesting and good. They are testing the IQ of the climbers in high altitude. Their game also so interesting that they paid handsome amount to all our climbers for the fill up of their format. Each of our members got 35 to 70 US Dollars as per their game performance.

In the evening I went to NCC Camp and their I met leaders of the Indo-Nepalese Army Mt. Everest Expedition party. I request to Col Sharma to spare a good time for his Expedition Doctor Major Rahul to checkup my team thoroughly.

26th April: As per our scheduled, I sent all my team members to Major Rahul (NCC Doctor) for thorough medical Checkup. I sent Kazi Sherpa, James and Nganba to Gorekshep for internet and mobile recharge vouchers. Today Dr. Sadhana call up me and convey her best regards to my team wishes.

27th April: Half of our team lead by Mr. Puyamcha Mohon leaves EBC at 3 am for Camp –I to Camp –III regarding final high altitude acclimatization. But I did not sent one of my members Mr. Robert due to his chest problem.

28th April: I and half of my team leave EBC for Camp I to Camp –III final acclimatization but I came back from the half of the Khumbu Ice-fall due to severe headache. I reached EBC at 6 am take rest for a while, am so exhausted. After all I am not a regular climber and I almost crossed 47 yrs. I could not challenge the nature. At 7.30 am Col Sharma visit my camp and we talk a lot regarding the field of Mountaineering.

29th April: All my team members safely reached Camp-II and they went up to 200 mtrs towards the Camp-III. Today SPCC calls a meeting at 3 pm regarding the fighting between SPCC members and Italian group at Camp –III two days before. That meeting instructs to compromise both the party and not to repeat again. In the evening I call up our expedition PRO Mr. Santosh Sekhar and briefed our day today events. Finally, I sent congratulation SMS to our Chef-de-Mission Shri DS Poonia –IAS Chief Secretary of Manipur.

30th April: At 8 am, my Deputy Leader Kazi Sherpa call up me over the walkie-talkie that they reached safely Camp-III. I congratulated them and say take care. Due to Mohon’s left leg fracture he decent from Camp-II with one of our Sherpas and they reached EBC at 9.30 am safely. Then I sent him to Major Rahul (NCC Doctor) for thorough check up and it is confirmed that a hear fracture on his left leg and need to take rest two weeks. I had a long talk with my Mrs. Around 10.15 am.

1st May 2013: Today I call up Mr. Chowang Sherpa Prop. Arun Trek Agency regarding the required equipment which needs to use for our final target such as oxygen max and others things with joint internet facilities with NCC group. So, I went to meet Col. Sharma and Wing Commander Kotty regarding the internet facility. At 9.30 am our team starts to arrive at EBC from Camp-II lead by Mr. Kazi Sherpa and I got some bad news regarding the James who got severely headache due to his overact in Camp-III. Finally, James arrived at EBC guarded by our Sirdar Mr. Lakhpa Rangdu and condition was so bad, I rush to the NCC camp and call Major Rahul Mahajan (Army Doctor) for the first aid and detailed investigation. After investigation it comes to know that his blood pressure was 140/75 and gave him BP control tabs and injection for pain killer. Two Manipuri boys from NCC Mr. Shankar and Bidyachand also rush to our camp for nourishing James. This fatal was actually happened due to disobedience of rule of mountaineering. After giving injection we observed him up to 4 hrs. In the evening he was something better and I told to Nganba to sleep together with James.

2nd May 2013: In the early morning Nganba reported me that James health was worse than the previous day. Major Rahul rushed to our camp and investigated his health condition and suggested me that it’s better to take him down. Due to emergency Doctor gave tramadol injection to Mr. James on muscle instead of IV. Then I call up Mr. Chowang to send Helicopter to EBC to take James up to Kathmandu. It was very costly to chartered helicopter from EBC to Kathmandu any way I have to safe his life. All my team members rush to MI room for James help. I call up to James home for asking the past medical history. I could not get through then I call up to Pobitro through my satellite phone but not a single clue did not found regarding the history of childhood days. I discussed with Mr. Chowang many times on the phone regarding the helicopter and finally Chowang told me that Heli will arrive at EBC around 12.30 pm. Then I told to Mr. Mohon go to with James up to Kathmandu. Mohon also have some problem in his left leg. So it’s better to go with James to Kathmandu so that he could thoroughly Check-up his leg also. Bidyachand and Shankar brought rescue stretcher from NCC camp and everyone concentrate on James and we gently lay down him on the stretcher bring him together to new helipad nearby the Seven Summit camp through moraine and small crevasses. Weather also too bad heavy snow fall also going on. Everybody eyes and ears on the sky to see and hear the helicopter. It’s about 2.30pm heli is coming and landed smoothly on the helipad and James and Mohon safely boarded inside the heli and flew away for Kathmandu.

On the way I met Tashi Nungshi with Bidyapati and Nima lama then we went to seven summit camp and met Mr. Tashi Prop. of Seven Summit. We had coffee and discussed a lot regarding the expedition and weather report. Finally I came back to my Camp. When I reached my Camp Mr. Lobaraj visit us had lot of discussion regarding the today’s mountaineers and those mountaineers who sacrifice their life for the ethics of mountaineers.

In the evening, I talk to Mr. Thupden and Mohon over the phone they are at Kathmandu. Everything is alright. I try to call up home but could not get through. Ansu and Wansuk went away without any information but I also did not ask anything about their outing in the evening. It is not a good regular activity for them under a leader.

3rd May 2013: I woke up little late and call up to Mohon regarding their health condition. Today one trekking group from England also arrived to our camp for 2 nights.

4th May 2013: Today Mr. Chowang (Prop. Arun Trek Agency) arrived at EBC. Today, our members practiced to use of Oxygen Max. We took a group photographs with England Trekking party at our camp. I call up to my elder daughter because today is her birthday and I wish her over the phone.

5th May 2013: Rest day, I went to NCC camp and discussed about the weather report. Today one IMG Sherpa death at South Col due to high altitude sickness and one Asian Trek Sherpa injured at Camp-III.

6th May 2013: Today I went down to Gorekshep with my whole team on the way Ms. Arunima from Asian trek also join us (she has only one leg going to summit Mt. Everest this time). NCC officials including Col Satish Sharma also came down to Gorekshep and we took lunch together. We all update our expedition report through internet and mobile. Today I came to know from the Kathmandu Doctor that Mr. James could not join the expedition due to some blood cloths nearby the brain during his recent accident at Camp-III.

7th May 2013: Rest day. I call up Imphal and Kathmandu both and discussed with Mr. Chowang regarding the Mohon and James. Finally, I decided to send back James to Delhi by 9th May flight from Kathmandu and Mohon has to leave Kathmandu on the same day for Lukla by air. Now everything is coming up beyond our budget but I have to work out it very carefully. Today bad news come from Camp-III that one Sherpa of Seven summit lost his life due to small mistake at when changing his jummar without safety and fell down from yellow belt to camp-III crampon point. In the evening I went to NCC camp and met Major Rahul Mahajan (Army Doctor) and we discussed a lot regarding our mission. I call up to home and talk to my daughters.

8th May 2013: Today morning I call up Pobitro and Santosh Sekhar and discuss about the reception ceremony at Delhi for our team. Five of our Sherpas came down from South Col today after load ferry.



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