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1.      21-9-1980: Established, Registered as State Level organization, Registration No. 3233 of 1st November 1980. Under the Societies Act: XXI of 1860 (First Adventure organization in Manipur)

2.      November 1980: First Trekking Expedition to Shiroi Peak in Ukhrul District. Chief Minister R.K. Dorendro and Sports Minister M. Kumar flagged off 350 members on 18th November.

3.      19 – 28, November 1981: Tengnoupal Expedition comprising 280 members and flagged off by the Shri RishangKeishing Chief Minister, Manipur. Duration of Venture was from 19th November to 28th November 1981. The Expedition members performed community tasks and had a lot of social interaction with the people of the area they had passed through.

4.      November 1982 – Shiroi Day Celebration.

5.      December 1983: Combined Tiddim Expedition of boys and girls along the Tiddim road to explore the Hornbill (Langmeidong) along the KailamKasom Range. Flagged off by Shri RadhabinodKoijam, Medical Minister and Dr. L. Chandramani Singh, IFCD Minister of Manipur

6.      01 November 1984: The first Adventure Course was conducted by the Manipur Mountaineering Institute the training wing of MMTA which inaugurated by Lt.Col. N.P.K. Nambiar, Chief Engineer of the NHPC Loktak Project. Shri Nima Tashi, Deputy Director (Field Training) of Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling conducted the said Course as the Course Director. 200 trainees participated in this course.

7.      02 February 1985: The International Year of Youth. MMTA decided to launch a venture to commemorate the year in the style never attempted by any other before in Manipur and rarely in the rest of the country. 50 youths set out to trek 1600 Km in the grueling terrain of the hills and valley systems of Manipur. Chief Minister RishangKeishing and Dr. L. Chandramani Singh, Minister (IFCD) Manipur handed over the Flag of Manipur Expedition to its leader Atom Ranjit at B.T Park. The team set out to circumnavigate the oval shaped Manipur first along its hilly regions along the National and International borders and then the foothills of the Imphal Valley. Finally after 71 days of the historic march the members came back to do their alma mater MMTA. Manipur and the rest of the country proud.

8.      22 September 1985: MMTA began its programme of organizing its activities at the district level with the launching of the Thoubal District Expedition ’85. The 5-day expedition had 50 youths drawn from all parts of Thoubal District. The Thoubal District Branch of MMTA was also formally established.

9.      27 September 1985: The second district level activity was the Bishnupur District Expedition ’85 which was flagged off on this day. 50 youths drawn from all parts of Bishnupur District. The Bishnupur District Branch of MMTA was also formally established.

10.  01 December 1985: MMTA and MMI flags were hoisted at the area donated to MMTA to set up our training unit by the people of Lamdan Village. Dr. L Chandramani Minister (IFCD) inaugurated the second adventure course with Mr.Nima Tashi as the Course Director. Adventure –cum- Social Service Camp was held. 100 trainees participated.

11.  27 December 1985: A red letter day in the history of Manipur and the Northeast region. Sir Tenzing Norgay Sherpa (Tiger of the Snow), the first person who along with the Sir Edmund Hillary reached the top of Mt. Everest, laid the foundation Stone of the Manipur Mountaineering Institute Complex at Lamdan. Shri Nawang Gombu (first man on the top of Mt. Everest twice) Col. Amit Roy (Principal HMI) accompanied him Dr. Virendra Kumar (noted environmentalist) and many other distinguished citizens of the state. The North Eastern Mountaineering and Tourism meet was simultaneously held. The Graduation Ceremony of the 2nd Adventure Course was also held with Sir Tenzing Norgay pining the badges.

12.  18 January 1986: MMTA organised a 45 KM Jogathon from Imphal to the MMI Complex at Lamdan.

13.  20 March 1986: Koubru Kounu Expedition was flagged off by MMTA President Rajkumar

Ranendrajit and received after five days of opening a new trekking route from Koubru Kounu by Shri O. Joy (MLA)

14.  14 March 1987: Shri RishangKeishing, Hon’ble Chief Minister Manipur, Shri Radhabinod

Koijam (Minister PWD & LAW), Shri Gaikhangam, Minister T&D, Mr. A. Pradeep S.P. CID,

Mr. S. Amrik Singh Pahwa, Mr. N. Shyamananda Singh, C.O. 2nd MR, Shri L. Jugeshwor

Singh, DIG Range Manipur visited to MMI Complex and thanks to the Lamdan villagers.

15.  20 August 1987: Mr. OinamChaoba& Mr. Ksh. Budha participated in the Bara Sigri Glacier Expedition organised by the Climbers and Explorers Club, New Delhi and both of them summit the Mt. KuluPumori (21500 ft. above mean sea level) Sponsored by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation.

16.  25 April 1987: Shri Ibotombi Minister Revenue flagged off The Thoubal River Expedition,

organised by the Thoubal District Branch of MMTA.

17.  1 November 1987: The Manipur River Valley Expedition ’87 began. The Dept. of Environment Govt. of India as a part of the National Environment month sponsored it. Start from Bolen Lake, 7000 feet above MSL, northwestern part of Kangpokpi. Here the Imphal river tickles down to the plain to join by the other rivers of Manipur river System. We followed it all the way to the Indo-Burma where it enters Burmese Territory to join the Chindwin river and fall into the Bay of Bengal as a part of the Irrawady. We made a complete survey of the state of the environment along the river valley and submitted the report to the center for science and environment New Delhi.

18.  1987: Mr. L. Surjit participated in the 1st National Rock Climbing Meet at Haryana Dhauj organised by the Climbers Explorers Club New Delhi and Sponsored by the Indian

Mountaineering Foundation.

19.  11 June 1988: Two members participated Everest Based Camp Trekking Expedition organised by the Climbers Explorers Club, New Delhi.

20.  03 August 1988: Mr. Ksh. Budha participate the National Himalayan Cycle Rally (2400 km

Organised by the Delhi Mountaineering Institute.

21.  20 October 1988: The Manipur Chief Minister R.K. Joy Chandra Flagged off the Mt. Koktang Expedition the first Mountaineering Expedition in the Western Sikkim Himalayas launched by MMTA.

22.  11 November 1988: 8-member including a lady hoisted the Indian Tricolors and the MMTA Flag on the top of Mt. Koktang south summit.

23.  16 November 1988: MMTA along with the Center for Science and environment, New Delhi organised a 3 days’ workshop on Wasteland Management at the Conference Hallof the state Guest House, Imphal

24.  24 December 1988: Manipur Chief Minister Shri R.K Joy Chandra received the summiteers of Mt. Koktang. Col. Amit Roy, (Principal HMI) Shri Nawang Gombu (Director Field Trg. HMI) and Shri Nima Tashi (DDFT HMI) who ‘had played a key role in the development of MMI and was also the expedition organizers of this expedition presence in this reception ceremony.

25.  1989: Adventure Course specially conducted for SAI players under the guidance of Brigadier Bhatia Director NE Region SAI.

26.  8 December 1989: Adventure Programme start specially for YOUNG INTAC from all over

the States of India

27.  15 December 1989: Shri Chintamani Panigrahi, Governor of Manipur Closed the Graduation Ceremony for the YOUNG INTAC Adventure Camp at MMI




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