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" Higher & Higher towards Life Goal. Regardless of whether you are out with friends or if you are a guide, your leadership skills are an important ingredient of your success and safety in the Adventure Sports."

N. Ibungochoubi
President MMTA

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Vision & Mission


The Mission of Manipur Mountaineering & Trekking Association is to create and foster amongst the youth a spirit of risk – taking, cooperative team work, and the capacity of ready and vital response to challenging situations and of endurance. This also provides a creative and happy outlet for the abundant energy, enthusiasm and imagination of youth. While all youth should get the opportunity to avail themselves of adventure facilities, this scheme specially intends to serve the first generation learners and students / non-student youth both in urban and rural areas with particular thrust on student young people in the rural areas. This scheme also intends to create and strengthen institutional structures to support adventure programmes.

It will also enhance the leadership quality to our students and will get lot of knowledge through vast natural environment as a part of Outdoor Education.

Conservation of natural and cultural heritage of the state and to develop capacity in their life through this adventure & ecotourism related camps. So such type of Training will bring prosperity and peace to our youngster in the form of outdoor education and National integration.


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